Didn’t expect that one……….

2014……what a year!! We were lucky enough to have a hot and sunny July combined with record sea temperatures but more than that we had an overwhelming response from people signing up to the event with over 500 people and more than £40,000,00 raised for Les Bourgs Hospice. Amazing. A very big thank you!

This was way beyond anything I had imagined when I came up with the idea while sat in the Hospice visiting someone the previous Summer. For me swimming in the sea was escapism and the best way to rediscover childhood haunts and appreciate living on our little rock during the Summer. Let’s face it we all find it easy to make excuses not to make the effort right? Too busy, don’t have your swim stuff, no-one to swim with etc but the more I did it the more addictive it became. It made me fall back in love with swimming before work, or amaze me at how magical it is to be in the sea when it’s raining, but best of all the time I spent with friends and family (even for a quick dip) was always a moment for the memory bank.

I guess that’s the thing, once you start making it a habit it becomes even easier. Before you know it you’ll find yourself heading for a swim at every opportunity so with only a couple of weeks to this year’s event (where did the time go?!) please get registered and spread the word!

Thanks again, from a very grateful me.


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